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Jonathan Ortega

Men's Physique:

Height:  5'10

Muscle Evolution, San Jose:
Masters over 35 :
 1st place / Overall
Open Unlimited Class C :
 1st place
Jonathan Ortega - 38 yrs. old and born and raised in the Philippines.

"I m
oved to the states when I was 12, got into fitness in high school mainly for football, basketball,
track and field. Eventually as I got older, much older, I was encouraged to compete at 35 and it was
then I have trained to the "next level" and have changed my diet completely and had transformed
my everyday gym go-er type person to a competitor.  Luckily for myself I have always been blessed
in ALL shows I have competed in and have always PLACED for the better part top 3 with an
exception of couple of 4th and 5th placed winner.. mainly due to huge huge event over 300
competitors.  In all since I have began this journey, I have 19 trophies/awards including 3 overall
winner (Fresno, Contra Costa, & recently Masters Muscle Evolution, San Jose).  My weight in the
early shows started at 163 and up to my last recent show was 178.. have maintained an
off-season bodyfat between 7-8%(single digit) and during competition around 3.2-4.0% bodyfat.

In addition,  I am also married with 1 daughter and 1 on the way with 20 weeks along... I coach a
team of individuals and some athletes and have created a team "Trainstrong"

(please check out my Instragram @trainstrongjon or Facebook -  trainstrong Jon).

Upcoming shows for 2014:

Governors Cup 3/29
Emerald Cup 4/26
Arizona 5/31

Pro qualifier:

Pittsburgh 8/29-30
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