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Kurt Weinreich Jr.

Professional Experience
Kurt Weinreich Jr.  - Full-Contact Stickfighter

*VIPGEAR recognized Kurts achievements and influences in the Martial Arts & Fitness world.  Kurt
has been awarded
VIP Athlete of the Month for July 2010*

Kurt is the silver and gold medal winner of the 2010 World Stickfighting Championships in July.  
Kurt was part of the U.S. National Stickfighting Team at the WEKAF in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Since an early age, Kurt was always involved in sports and fitness. During his school years, he
played football and wrestling, and continued both later on as a youth coach for both sports. During
this time, I also trained in traditional martial arts and competed in karate.

Kurt continued his training and began to assist others in their endeavors as a Master Trainer for 24-
Hour Fitness, for which her received five training awards and was the second trainer in Colorado to
reach 10,000 sessions trained. With over ten national certifications and two educational licensures
in fitness and nutrition, Kurt also educates other trainers to provide the scientifically based
information to their clients in the field as an instructor for the National Personal Training Institute of
Colorado. His efforts proved worthy as he was selected as one of the top 16 trainers in the
company, among 4,000 applicants, to represent the nation as a Fitness Ambassador for the U.S.
Olympic Team and work at the High Performance Training Center in Beijing during the Olympic

Kurt Weinreich has been training in the martial arts for twenty years. He has pursued various styles
including karate and ninpo taijutsu. Six years ago, he began training in Doce Pares Escrima, a
Filipino martial art utilizing knife and stick fighting methods. He began competing in the single and
doublestick full-contact competitions. After qualifying at the national level for several years, Kurt
finally made the U.S. National Stick-fighting Team in 2008 and represented the United States at the
World Competition in Cebu City, Philippines; winning a Bronze Medal. This allowed him to be
Tokyo Joe’s Athlete of the Month and was featured in Asian Avenue magazine. He is now training
to make the next team and hopes to compete in the next worlds to be held in Mexico in 2010.

To expand on his experience and educate the public, Kurt is also a level three certified Self-
Defense Instructor and certified in Kung-Fu Fitness and Boxing Training. He will be finishing two
more certifications in Advanced Boxing Training and MMA Conditioning.
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9 years as a Master Trainer for
24 Hour Fitness
6 years as an Instructor for  
National Personal Training
3 years as Licensing Instructor
of Sports Nutrition for NASN
1 year as certified CPR/AED
Instructor for AHA
Fitness Ambassador for 2008
Beijing Olympics
Academic Achievement
Award - ISSA